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Python 3.10 or later is required.

collimator has been developed and tested on Linux (Ubuntu 22+) and macOS.

Native Windows support has not been tested at this time but may work. We recommend using the Windows Subsystem for Linux with an Ubuntu distribution instead.

Installation steps

It is highly recommended to use a virtual environment to install pycollimator.

pip install pycollimator
  • On Windows: set JAX_ENABLE_X64=True.

Optional dependencies

More advanced features require additional dependencies that can be installed with:

pip install pycollimator[safe]

This will not include support for NMPC blocks.

Nonlinear MPC

Nonlinear MPC blocks require IPOPT to be preinstalled.

  • On Ubuntu: sudo apt install coinor-libipopt-dev.
  • On macOS: brew install ipopt and brew install cmake.

Install all optional dependencies with pip install pycollimator[all] or just the NMPC dependencies with pip install pycollimator[nmpc].

Licensed under AGPLv3 This `pycollimator` package is released and licensed under the AGPLv3+ license.
Collimator, Inc reserves all rights to release under a different license under a different license at any time, as well as all rights to use the code in any way in their own commercial offerings.
Legacy pycollimator The legacy `pycollimator` package is still available on PyPI. It is not supported anymore but can still be installed with:
pip install 'pycollimator<2'
Installing an older version will remove the latest version of `pycollimator` documented here.